Isa Herrera in the Media

I am driven by my passion to help as many women and men as possible who suffer from pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pelvic pain. These conditions are not easily spoken about and many suffer in silence. Until recently, there was not even hardly any media coverage.

The media is a powerful outlet where information about all things pelvic can finally reach that wider audience, and we can create a tipping point in pelvic health awareness. It is extremely important that we continue to get the word out so that healing can occur on a global scale for both women and men who are suffering. My goal is for all of these people to be able to get back to living a fulfilling, pain-free, and more functional life.


The Morning Blend Tuscon with Heather Rowe
Bringing the message of pelvic healing for women everywhere.

Live in LasVegas with JJ Snyder
Talking about why Kegels don’t always work

Palm Springs Desert Living with Bryan Gallo
Talking about pelvic health with a really open-minded man

MTV True Life
I was so thrilled that MTV covered pelvic pain and dysfunction, for a whole show! They followed my patient and me for 12 weeks, filming all of her sessions as she improved and ultimately overcame much of her pain. This episode ended up being the 2nd highest rated episode in the history of the show.

The Guardian UK – The Vagina Dispatches Series
I so enjoyed working with Mona Chalabi and Mae Ryan on this video series. They covered topics about vaginas, orgasms, and pelvic floor issues that are finally getting to the mainstream in an informative and amazing way!

Regis and Kelly
Had a great time with Regis and Kelly! Regis wasn’t too excited about doing exercises with Kelly, but he went along for the ride during the baby week series. He pulled me aside minutes before air and said he wasn’t going to do it! But Kelly enjoyed this topic, so onward we went and had a great time.

PBS Biography Series
I remember being nervous for this piece about my work and pelvic therapy since it brought a lot of exposure to the silent epidemic of pelvic floor dysfunction. Thanks to Dr. Moritz for keeping me focused and amazing thanks to my patients who came through to share stories about their condition, even though for many it is very difficult to talk about their experiences.

Live on WPIX in NYC
Talking about all things postpartum for women right here in the greatest borough and my home, Brooklyn NY.Thanks to Julia Mannes for the connection over to WPIX TV.

NBC News 4
The Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy – I have a proponent of this underused modality for over 10 years, working to get the word out. Thanks to my patient Kristina for being brave enough to tell her story on TV!

NBC Today Show NY
So thrilled to get the word out about pregnancy fitness, at the perfect time when I was expecting my daughter Ella. I was towards the tail end of the pregnancy and managed to stay fit following my own advice.

NBC Extra
Back in the day! In my early days as a lead trainer at the Reebok Sports Club NY, I was asked to talk about the most important topic of arm tone for June brides.

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