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Nancy C overcame debilitating symptoms that kept her from dating

Nancy S stopped wearing pads and reversed years of prolapse symptoms

Susan F got relief from pain that was literally putting her life on hold

Emma cured her incontinence after 18 years of leaking and urge

Renee got off the Doctor Roadshow after spending more than $50,000

Tali can now have pain-free sex with her husband and wear tight jeans again without pain.

Jessica seized control of her healing after several “exploratory” surgeries that made her pain and bladder issues worse.

Kristina healed her bladder pain and symptoms of IC with the program

Ruth healed her scar and back pain after the birth of her baby caused her bladder issues and pain for 2 years.

Jean saved her ovary and finally found a way to not have to look for a bathroom all the time.

Susan return to an active lifestyle after 30 years with pelvic pain and prolapse

Karen says it’s the best money I ever spent…

Kathleen put an end to her years of incontinence and pain by learning how to take care of herself.

Michelle has reversed her prolapse symptoms and returned to working on her farm raising cattle

Women are taking back control of their bodies with the knowledge offered in the Pelvic Wellness Community and Isa's Programs.

Isa's core programs offer lifetime access, and her ongoing community offers weekly live events for healing and mindset.
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