Copy of Total Fem Biome Guard Probiotic
Copy of Total Fem Biome Guard Probiotic
Copy of Total Fem Biome Guard Probiotic
Copy of Total Fem Biome Guard Probiotic
Copy of Total Fem Biome Guard Probiotic
Copy of Total Fem Biome Guard Probiotic
Copy of Total Fem Biome Guard Probiotic
Copy of Total Fem Biome Guard Probiotic
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Copy of Total Fem Biome Guard Probiotic

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    Women Over 40: Finally Banish Bloating & Digestive Distress – Embrace a Life of Radiant Beauty, Overflowing Confidence, Boundless Energy, and Renewed Vitality

    Isa Herrera, MSPT CSCS, as seen on:

    Women across America are turning back the clock 20 years, erasing bloating, wrinkles, and improving happiness... read more to discover how you can, too.

    Every woman craves that radiant inner glow – a reflection of true youth and vitality.

    While many turn to the latest beauty products and routines, the real secret lies deep within us[1]:

    The Gut.

    Often dubbed the body's "second brain," the gut serves a role beyond just digestion.[2]

    It profoundly influences our mood, immune function[3], skin clarity, and the vitality of our womanhood: “the pelvic floor.”

    Within this intricate system, our gut is home to a complex ecosystem of trillions of bacteria, known as the gut microbiota.

    These microorganisms aren’t just passive residents, but have critical functions.

    One of the essential aspects of gut health is maintaining the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria[4].

    An imbalance can lead to a host of issues, from digestive discomforts to weakened immunity[5].

    Did you know over 75% of women experience
    gut health issues at least a few times a month?

    These include bloating, constipation, gas, and abdominal discomfort, all of which directly impact their overall well-being.

    Embracing the power of a HEALTHY GUT is pivotal.

    It's not about fleeting beauty trends or the latest gadgets, but nurturing this often overlooked core foundation that is so critical to our well-being.

    Many women, including countless of my patients, have witnessed transformative changes by prioritizing their gut health, seeing uplifts in energy, mood, and overall vitality.

    Life’s transitions, from childbirth to menopause, intertwine the health of our pelvic floor with our gut.

    Life’s transitions, from childbirth to menopause, intertwine the health of our pelvic floor with our gut.

    A nourished gut not only ensures efficient digestion, but also fortifies the pelvic floor. This has a direct impact on common concerns among women, like bladder leaks and feminine discomforts.

    Before you get swept up in another "miracle" beauty promise, let's get real: many beauty and wellness trends have overlooked the core of the matter. True health, beauty, and vigor come from within, by giving our gut the love and nourishment it truly needs.

    Woman's Best Friend: The Bacteria That Nourishes and Protects.

    All it takes is one look at our everyday products to know we’ve all been conditioned to think bacteria is “bad” for us. We have anti-bacterial wipes, anti- bacterial soap and anti- bacterial hand -sanitizers.

    Most bacteria are beneficial and already reside in your gut, impacting nearly every aspect of your health.

    With this in mind, critical concern for gut health is preserving the balance between the good and bad (pathogenic) bacteria.

    Probiotics, commonly dubbed "good bacteria," play a vital role in maintaining a healthy gut environment.

    They help us digest food, absorb vital nutrients, and strengthen our immune defenses.

    Additionally, they energize our cells and ensure our organs and pelvic floor function well.

    However, there's also "bad bacteria" in our system.

    When these “bad-pathogenic bacteria” overgrow, they can lead to issues like poor digestion, bloating, abdominal discomfort-pain and increased illness.

    Our gut is like a garden - if we let weeds take over, our plants can't thrive. So, keeping a balance between the good and bad bacteria is crucial for our overall health.

    But why is it so hard to maintain this balance?

    As the years pass, our bodies naturally face challenges. Remember those days of crystal-clear vision and youthful skin?

    Just like our skin starts to show its wisdom with delicate lines, and we may need reading glasses for our favorite book, our digestive system too goes through changes.

    Decades of exposure to environmental factors, antibiotics, processed foods, alcohol and natural aging processes can make it easier for unwelcome bad bacteria to settle in, potentially disrupting your overall health.

    But there's hope.

    Rejuvenating our gut health, even after 40, is entirely achievable.


    By nourishing our system with the right balance of probiotics and prebiotics.[6]

    However, a word of caution before you pop your daily dose of probiotics.

    Discover the 6 Key Factors to Consider When
    Choosing the Perfect Probiotic for You:

    In today's saturated and over-hyped wellness market, discernment is KEY.

    Journeying through the maze of probiotics can be overwhelming.

    It's vital that your choice remains active, potent, and doesn't become another chore like remembering refrigeration.

    And as you explore these gold standards, one probiotic seamlessly checks all the boxes: The Total Fem Biome Guard.TM[7]

    With every quality we've highlighted and more, it's tailor-made for the demands of today's modern woman.

    Let’s discover why Total Fem Biome GuardTM isn't just a good choice—it's the best one.

    Total Fem Biome Guard™ 5-in-1 Probiotics

    Total Fem Biome Guard is a revolutionary, shelf-stable probiotic blend of three spore-forming Bacilli species and prebiotic fructooligosaccharide (FOS) plus inulin for a healthy gut microbiome.

    At the University of North Texas, researchers studied spore-based bacteria, similar to what's in Total Fem Biome Guard.

    Many participants started with signs of gut problems. But those who took the spore-based bacteria, similar to those found in Total Fem Biome Guard experienced [8]:

    University of North Texas
    • A 42% drop in harmful gut toxins, indicating their digestive walls are becoming stronger and better at keeping harmful elements out.

    • A 24% decrease in certain fats (triglycerides) that can be stressful for their liver.

    • They felt full faster, attributed to a decline in the 'hunger hormone' ghrelin.

    • They experienced reduced inflammation levels, aiding in feeling more vibrant and ensuring quicker recovery from daily stresses.

    Discover the Dynamic 5-in-1 Combination: Probiotic Spore Strains and Prebiotics of Total Fem Biome Guard.

    The Dynamic trio in Total Fem Biome Guard consist of Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus clausii and Bacillus subtilis.

    These good bacteria are encased by a protective endospore to help them survive the journey to the gut, where they thrive.[9]

    Beyond Ordinary: Why Total Fem Biome Guard Stands Out

    Crafted meticulously, Total Fem Biome Guard harmonizes three potent probiotic strains with two essential prebiotics - FOS and Inulin. Together, they ensure a thriving, resilient, and balanced gut health.

    Total Fem Biome Guard Probiotics 5 in 1 is the Premier Choice For Women's Gut Transformation

    Navigating the extensive world of probiotics can be challenging. However, among all the choices, Total Fem Biome Guard truly distinguishes itself.

    Its spore-based bacteria are not only resilient but also specially crafted to endure the acidic stomach environment.

    This means they reach the gut alive and active, making Total Fem Biome Guard the prime choice for women who prioritize genuine gut health.

    • It’s Shelf-stable: Your probiotics need to be alive to work. Ensure they don't need refrigeration to maintain their potency.

    • It’s Heat-resistant: They should be warriors, enduring the warmth of our digestive system to reach the gut active and kicking.

    • It’s Spore-Based: These are the titans among probiotics. Resilient against the stomach's acidity, they are optimal for gut health.

    • It’s Prebiotic-Enriched: The game-changer. A probiotic that teams up with its prebiotic partner ensures an environment where beneficial bacteria thrive.