Down There Oil Vaginal Serum - New
Down There Oil Vaginal Serum - New
Down There Oil Vaginal Serum - New
Down There Oil Vaginal Serum - New
Down There Oil Vaginal Serum - New
Down There Oil Vaginal Serum - New

    Down There Oil Vaginal Serum - New

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         Finally! A Stunning New Way To Revive Your Love Life, Feel Younger & Ditch The “Down There” Dryness, Burning, Itching Without Hormones, Messy Creams, or Surgeries

      Down There Oil Product Details

      The Down There Oil helps alleviate vulva dryness, itching, and burning - WITHOUT irritating ingredients or fragrances found in other products found on the market today.

      With just three ingredients, but don’t let its simplicity fool you.

      This synergistically powerful, science-based formula relies on the QUALITY of ingredients to rejuvenate your delicate vulva skin as nothing else can.   

      With Rootganic Down There Oil Vaginal Serum, your vaginal pH level is supported, leaving your vulva feeling fresh and lubricated.     

      The “Down There Oil” is my personal formula that I created after the birth of my daughter where I experienced dryness, burning, itching and scar tissue.

      I had reached my wits’ end trying multiple vaginal serums that made me itch and burn and didn’t do a thing to repair my tissues. 

      Thousands of women in my community swear by its potency and are calling it their little bottle of magic. 

      Benefits of The Down There Oil

      The “Down There Oil” contains pure rose, organic coconut oil, and Vitamin E in proportions that help to nourish the vulvar tissues *, balance vaginal pH *, and improve dehydration and thinning *.

      It is incredible for women of ALL ages, especially those who are postpartum, perimenopausal, and menopausal, to benefit from:

      • Less vulva dryness *
      • More vulva-vaginal moisture *
      • Increased skin elasticity *
      • Stronger pelvic floor muscles and better kegel exercises *
      • Better sleep *
      • Fewer cuts and scrapes on the vulva skin *
      • Less vulva pain *
      • Less soreness after intimacy *
      • Less redness and irritation *
      • Improved libido *
      • And Much More *

      You will find the BEST, most potent rose in the Down There Oil, along with organic coconut oil and organic vitamin E.

      The Down There Oil’s moisturizing properties and its ability to keep bacteria and fungi at bay — coupled with its delicate scent, make it the perfect solution to keep your sensitive vulva skin looking and feeling its best. 


      Rosa Damascena 

      Rose oil is a potent oil with the power to heal and protect. Its all-natural, allergy-free nature makes it an exceptional choice for those who want their vaginas back in shape and feeling young and hydrated.

      It is refreshing to know that there are natural remedies for our intimate parts in a world filled with toxic feminine hygiene products.

      Since ancient times, Rose oil has been used as an alternative cure-all and tonic for the female anatomy in general.

      Most importantly, though?

      Rose oil has incredible medicinal properties and helps maintain youthful skin cells due to its anti-aging abilities on top of reducing yeast infections caused by Candida Albicans (the fungus).

      It doesn’t contain any hormones making rose oil safe without worrying about side effects, unlike other prescription hormonal drugs that many doctors prescribe today. 

      Unfortunately, most of the rose oil on the market today is diluted. 

      But NOT ours! 

      We use the purest form of rose oil, giving our customers a premium product at a price they can afford. 


      Organic Coconut Oil

      The coconut oil used in our Down There Oil Vaginal Serum formulation is organic, meaning there’s nothing artificial added to make you feel icky after using the serum!

      Organic coconut oil enhances your skin’s ability to protect itself.

      It has an anti-inflammatory effect on cells, which means less aging for those who use natural oils like ours every day.

      Organic coconut oil also has an antimicrobial effect that inhibits bacterial growth, further protecting you from dryness, itching, burning, or discomfort.

      Organic Vitamin E

      We all want to feel young, sexy, and confident.

      Restoring feminine dryness is no easy feat for women who are suffering from hormone changes that cause the unsettling razor-burn sensation or just plain old regular down-there discomfort.

      Luckily, our Down There oil can help!

      It contains the best source of vitamin E. Recent research has shown that vitamin E offers relief to women who suffer from vulva dryness.

      It has many benefits, including antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory relief for lady parts.

      Our Down There oil infused with Vitamin E absorbs immediately with only one application to hydrate itchy skin and promote elasticity for a stretch that feels amazing.

      When you combine rose oil, organic coconut oil, and vitamin E, they work synergistically to bring profound vitality to the female tissues. 

      The Down There Oil’s moisturizing properties and its ability to keep bacteria and fungi at bay — coupled with its delicate scent, make it the perfect solution to keep your sensitive vulva skin looking and feeling its best. 

      The Down There Oil Vaginal Serum is a revolutionary vaginal serum that contains 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Rose oil, organic coconut oil, and vitamin E  in the right dosage for feminine healing.  

      This powerful formula will fuel your intimate area with hydrating nourishment and promote the healing of the most delicate of tissues for increased sensual enjoyment all year round!

      Real Testimonials From Real Women

      My fishy odor & itching is gone.  

      "I used to have a fishy order in my vagina for years that made me feel uncomfortable. I was embarrassed about it, so I went to several doctors. They kept putting me on antibiotics which made the itching worse.   I started using the Down There oil, and not only did the fishy odor disappear in one month, but I don't itch anymore, and the pain is gone.'' ...Sandra Miller 

      My vulvar tissues are healthy again. No more painful cuts.

      "The moment I hit menopause, my tissues shriveled up and became very fragile. I tried the hormones my doctor gave me, but I started to have some weird breakthrough bleeding. I didn't like how the hormones made my breast feel. I knew the hormones were bad for me, so I started using Isa’s Down There oil. I am so happy with my results. The little cuts that I was getting with intimacy have healed, and I am having amazing orgasms. Plus, I can pee and wipe myself without pain.” ... Marian Ross 

      I feel like a woman again after years of suffering from vaginal dryness.

      “I'm so glad I finally found a hydrating oil for an intimate area. It was terrible when my doctor diagnosed lichen sclerosis, and the side effects from steroids made me even more uncomfortable in that area than before- there's nothing worse than itching all day long! The Down There helped moisturize my tissue which gave me relief from being so dry & sore... I apply it several times a day and before I go to sleep. I am grateful to be intimate again, and I feel like a whole woman again. Thank you, Isa.” Lexi Salamone 

      How To Use

      Down There Oil Vaginal serum rescues dry, itchy, and irritated vulva skin that needs instant relief.

      All that is required is a couple of drops placed directly on the vulva and perineal area.

      This external vaginal serum delivers long-lasting moisture and hydration without disrupting vaginal PH. 

      It can also be used before bedtime and or several times a day, depending on what you need at the moment.

      The Down there Oil can also help alleviate chafed tissues from clothes or can be used after intimacy to soothe irritated tissues. 

      You can feel confident knowing this serum will always keep things fresh no matter how active life gets because we all deserve healthy, happy vaginas, right?!

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      Get additional support as you go through your healing journey in our members-only community.

      60-Day -100% Money-Back Guarantee…

      We want you to be a happy customer and be delighted with your results. If The Down There Oil doesn’t work for you and you’re one of the rare women who isn’t satisfied, just send us back the unused portion, and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

      * This statement has [These statements have] not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.