The Queen's Pelvic Power Supplement Bundle - New

    The Queen's Pelvic Power Supplement Bundle - New

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      Supercharge Your Female Health in 3 Easy Steps

      Being a woman can feel like a lot sometimes. So much of the weight of the world rests on our shoulders. Sure, we’re now “allowed” to earn a living for ourselves, but we still have the burden of the majority of household responsibilities. And the lion’s share of child-rearing. And watching the grandkids. We’re supposed to do it all, look fabulous while doing it, and somehow have time to take care of our health, too.

      While I can’t help you with the grandbabies or kids I can help you simplify your female health care routine.

      After all, I have helped over 15,000 women heal their lady parts and thrive over the last few decades. And after helping all of these beautiful Queens, I realized that there were 3 main things that every success story encompassed. A 3-legged stool that female health relies upon if you will. 

      When you’re able to get these 3 things right, you’ll feel younger, stronger, and more vibrant. 

      These are my 3 “shortcuts” that I lean on daily and teach my students to access time and time again.

      Here is What You Get:

      Give Your Bladder a "Do-Over" Reversing Decades of Weak Muscles & Damage

      The Total Fem Ultimate Bladder Support is the perfect blend of four clinically and research-based ingredients that work together to improve bladder control and reduce the signs of bladder aging. The Total Fem Ultimate Bladder Support also helps support a healthy urinary tract and strengthens your bladder muscles so you can feel confident going about daily activities once again without pantyliners.


      Total Fem Ultimate Bladder Support Contains the Top Four Research-based Ingredients for Bladder Health:

      1) D-Mannose- This ingredient has been studied for its ability to soothe and protect the urinary tract — and it helps keep your urinary tract in its healthiest state

      2) Cranberry Powder-
      The compounds in cranberries are amazing for supporting your body’s defense system against pathogens — and destroying those sneaky microbes that can cause problems for your bladder.

      3) Hibiscus Flower Extract- is a strong antibacterial and antifungal agent that can work wonders for women dealing with bladder issues.

      4) Uva Ursi Leaf- is the only supplement on the planet that supports a healthy balance of bacteria in the bladder and urinary tract.


      Heal Vaginal Dryness, Burning & Thining Tissues Naturally Without Hormones or Messy Creams

      The Down There Oil helps alleviate dryness, itching, and burning – without irritating ingredients or fragrances found in other products and pharmaceuticals found on the market today.

      With The Down There Oil Vaginal Serum, your vaginal pH level is supported, leaving your vulva feeling fresh and lubricated.

      With just three ingredients, don’t let its simplicity fool you – this synergistically powerful, science-based formula relies on the QUALITY of ingredients to rejuvenate your delicate vulva skin as nothing else can.

      Now we must remember that not all rose oil is created equal. So you will find the BEST most potent rose in the Down There Oil. It contains pure Undiluted Rose Damascena oil (Bulgarian rose oil), organic coconut oil, and pure organic Vitamin E.

      1) Rosa Damascena oil (Bulgarian rose oil)- Its all-natural, allergy-free nature makes it an exceptional choice for those who want their vaginas back in shape, feeling young and hydrated.

      2) Organic Coconut Oil- This oil has an antimicrobial effect that inhibits bacterial growth, further protecting you from dryness, itching, burning, or discomfort.

      3) Organic Vitamin E- This key ingredient hydrates itchy skin and promotes elasticity for a stretch that feels amazing.

      Get Younger, Tighter Skin & Heal and Repair Your Pelvic Floor From the Inside Out

      Total Fem Collagen helps women have happier “Lady Parts”, strong pelvic organs, less discomfort, and healthy vulva-vaginal skin as they age and go through perimenopause and menopause.

      Not one, not two, but five collagen peptides are supported by a mountain of clinical research that shows their efficacy for supporting your own collagen production, bone strength, joint health, integrity, skin elasticity, and more.


      The Ultimate 3-in-1 Queen’s Pelvic Power Bundle

      I’ve bundled my 3 most popular products that address the 3 most important pillars of female health in a new Bundle for you — The Queen’s Pelvic Power Bundle.

      In this special new Queen's Pelvic Power bundle, I’ve combined my:

      • Total Fem Collagen Supplement Powder, for the best skin, tissue, fascia, and pelvic floor support
      • Ultimate Bladder Health Supplement, for maintaining a strong and healthy bladder 
      • Down There Oil, to battle dryness and thinning vulva tissues

      These 3 specially selected products work together to heal from the inside out — from your pelvic floor to your bladder and vulvar tissues.

      This bundle makes keeping your lady parts and bladder healthy and simple.

      You probably know that I’m a huge fan of small actions repeated over time, adding up to BIG results.

      This kit is the ultimate consistency bio-hack for pelvic floor health. Nothing difficult to do. You don’t even have to think about it.

      All you have to do is count to 3 every day.

      1. Take your collagen powder (just add a scoop to your coffee or morning smoothie)
      2. Support your bladder health with my Ultimate Bladder Health Supplement
      3. Swipe on a few drops of Down There Oil

      And that’s it!

      This routine makes taking care of your skin, your pelvic floor, your bladder, and your yoni easy and completely doable.

      I recommend you subscribe to the Queen's Pelvic Power bundle. This bundle is a limited-time offer and will only be available for so long, but you lock in this special price and guarantee you will NEVER run out by subscribing now.

      This special offer is ONLY for my students.

      Please lock in this great deal before our stock runs out, or prices go up.

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